ART 365 Campaign - Give Art Its Day

Valley Art Gallery is a 501c-3 non-profit organization asks for your support to accomplish its mission to bring art to the community and the community to art. 

Art 365 is a program designed to promote the benefits that Valley Art Gallery provides for its members, the art community and the community as a whole while encouraging a new affordable “sponsorship” opportunity.

As a sponsor your name and/or business cards with a link to your website in our quarterly newsletter and website. Your support will help numerous good works in the community.

Valley Art Gallery maintains two year-round galleries:

  • Valley Art Gallery in the Old Orcutt Trade Center 
  • Santa Maria Public Airport walls and showcase by the rental car area

Our Old Orcutt location is available for tours to local elementary and high schools in addition to scouting organizations, and other clubs that express an interest in art.

Valley Art Gallery provides an annual grant/scholarship of $1000 to a local visual art student.

We offer a featured artist each month, encouraging each artist participating an opportunity to work up a cohesive body of work for display, and the artist’s exhibit is launched each month at the First Friday event in Old Orcutt.

Valley Art Gallery also provides leadership opportunities that foster teamwork in service of the gallery. Lasting friendships developed throughout the community.

An Annual sponsorship will ensure that the Valley Art Gallery will continue to provide a place for art in our community.

  • Individual sponsorship of $33 per year
  • Business card ads with website links are available at $99 per year

Please contact:

Heidi Gruetzemacher, President (805) 478-3057

Beverly Johnson, Secretary (805) 878-4586

When you donate to our 501c3 organization(EIN# 20-5131025), we will send you a letter confirming your donation.

Please send your name, business card, website address to our email to

As a non-profit your donation is deductible. 

Download sponsorship form or donate here




  • Dave & Beverly Johnson
  • John & Karen Ransome
  • Ellie Plumer
  • Hattie Stoddard
  • Robert & Heidi Gruetzemacher
  • Jill Iversen
  • Pat Stalter
  • Tom & Cathy Radke
  • Susan Leedom
  • Lindie Simone
  • Jackie Mendenhall
  • Virginia Souza
  • Phillip Morris
  • Frances Tshudy
  • Suzanne Champeau
  • Laura-Susan Thomas
  • Patricia Smith
  • Howard Ramsden
  • John Card 
  • Ron Tesdahl
  • Esther Barlett
  • Mike Thomas
  • Marilyn Dover Benson
  • Janice Howard
  • Ron & Kathy Babb
  • Doyle Burkey
  • Karen Gilcrest
  • Claudia Wagemann
  • Maxine Johnson
  • Rob Speaker
  • Ramona Greenstein
  • Inge Garvin
  • Debra Robinson
  • Joan Hunt
  • Lee-Volker Cox

THANK YOU for Giving Art Its Day!

The Valley Art Gallery Board of Directors and Gallery Artists would like to thank our business and individual sponsors for their support to our gallery.
  • Beverly Johnson, President
  • Heidi Gruetzemacher, Vice President
  • Rachel Lee, Secretary
  • Patricia Smith, Treasurer
  • Andrew Klein, Director-At-Large
  • Laura Susan Thomas, Director-At-Large/Social Media
  • Pat Stalter, Director-At-Large/Membership